Exploring the Michael Jackson Death From a Different Standpoint

Conrad Murray - This Is It!

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The doctor charged with the Michael Jackson death has written a tell-all book, This Is It!, which goes beyond the headlines and media inaccuracies to tell the true story of the music legend's life with his friend and physician. Dr. Conrad Murray felt it was the right time to tell his side of the story, and decided to present his first-person account in the book, which is almost 400 pages long. The reader will have a chance to meet both the "King of Pop" and Dr. Murray like never before, to live and breathe every moment of their secret lives, finally eliminating all speculations by answering questions, and solving mysteries that have long surrounded the life of Michael Jackson. This story isn't a celebrity expose on Michael Jackson, rather it is about two lives, and how they became entangled. Dr. Murray is careful to discuss his former patient as a human being. This book is not an attack on Michael, rather it is to share with the world the adversity and the many wrongs he had suffered at the hands of others during his lifetime.

This Is It!

Readers will have an all-access pass to the inside story of the final years of one of the biggest icons of all-time by picking up "This Is It!" The Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray's Story is told from the prospective of his trusted doctor, who feels he was unjustly blamed in the singer's death. Available worldwide, pick up a copy wherever books are sold.

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Dr. Conrad Murray talks

Dr. Conrad Murray talks about the case involving the death of Michael Jackson publically for the first time and presents the inconsistencies brought forth by the prosecution through the court proceedings. Dr. Murray uses actual trial footage to make his case that he was wrongfully charged.

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